Hi!  I’m Larry Prochazka and welcome to my site!

For more than 25 years, I’ve been involved in IMG_8856education, speaking, training, facilitation and coaching.  I’ve also been an athlete, adventure traveler, barista and coffee master, tractor driver, university professor, wilderness leadership facilitator, writer, and so much more.

Presently, I’m evolving and my business is shifting.  I intend to spend more time inspiring and assisting people who want to grow.  I been told I have an inspiring and uplifting effect on people and that’s when I feel most alive.

In my training, I have specialized in people skills like listening, communication, conflict resolution and leadership.  I started out facilitating creativity training which is still one of my great loves.

My style is one of engagement, deeply, internally, to help each individual create their own experience.  I learned long ago that anything I can say I can ask and asking will always produce a different result.  Asking causes people to go internal, find their own meaning and take that home with them.

Once when I was working with Grandfather Black Elk, he shared a frustration in sharing how wisdom through the Lakota oral tradition with caucasian cultures.  In the Native culture, people listen and derive their own meaning from his stories.  In the white culture, people would ask him, “Tell me Grandfather, what does this mean?”  He looked me squarely in the eye and asked me, “If I give them my meaning, what reason do they have to go find their own?”

Asking assists each individual go inside and find their own meaning whether through question or story or analogy or other methods.  And when that something inside gets clear, that stays with you.

One client told me she’s like to let potential clients know one unique quality I have and said, “You are time released!” Stumped, I asked her what she meant.  She shared that weeks after a training program, she’ll be working on something in her office when suddenly, she hears my voice in her head and notices in her present circumstances, “That’s what he meant!”  I don’t plan that but it is wonderful feedback.

Be patient with me as I evolve this new site.  And let me know what’d you be interested in seeing or reading here.

And please note I’ll be out of the country on an adventure.  If you contact me, please be patient as connections are slower and difficult to come by in Laos.

Blessings on your journey!  Larry