Count On Me!

“Count On Me” follow-up and review.

Thanks for taking the time to look at this!  My intention is to review the highlights, remind you of some of the most popular and talked about parts of the program and encourage you to continue working with the process.

What is a highlight for you?  What progress are you making with your one goal you walked away with.  Could you use some sort of refresher?  If so, on what?  What has been most meaningful and helpful to you.  And with regard to the mind shift to focusing on success and accomplishments, what success have you had in the last week that you are pleased with?

What suggestions or ideas do you have for us to continue this process or add other pieces to it in future trainings?  We scratched the surface with several of these ideas like the golden circle, getting clear on your why, working with “essentialism, being aware of how your words and questions are creating a focus in others, balancing telling with asking and use of  “QBQ’s” (question behind the question).  Let us know what would be meaningful to work with some more.

Enjoy the video and make yours a great life!

Best wises,




3 Replies to “Count On Me!”

  1. Hi Larry, thanks for the refresher on the Golden Circle. The “HOW” is what i myself have to slow down and think about the way to handle some Situations here on the job. Thanks for your concern on how we all (that was in your class) are doing with using your methods on the job.

    1. Hello Todd! Thanks for your comment. The “how” part was challenging for me. Fortunately, I found a couple podcast and a campfire that really helped. If that interest you, here’s a link to their podcasts:

      I looked back at my life, moments where I felt really aligned with what I was doing, unaware of time, loving the moment and thought about “how” I was expressing myself that felt so right? I started realizing I’m at my best when I express myself in these ways, these “how’s”:

      • deeper principles, generalizable, applicable to humans and not just employees
      • freedom and flexibility to go where, when and how that felt best for my work or the group I was working with
      • I’m learning principles that I can live and that make a positive impact in my life! They inspire me and thus I can model that inspiration for others.
      • big picture possibilities and seeing connections between ideas and real life application
      • I love including fun, enjoyment, light heartedness in what I do and really love feeling like I’m helping other people

      I continue working with that as as I get clear, I know how to set myself up to be at my best. When I’m struggling with my work, I am generally trying to do something in a way to satisfy someone else and not being in alignment with the way I work best. That’s my guiding principle in how I put together projects now: flow!

      Again, thanks for reaching out! Enjoy the journey!

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