Creativity, Possibility Thinking and Decision Making Training, 2017

Hello Everyone!

It’s been a little over a month since our program together. I put together a brief video to remind you of some of the key pieces of our creativity training together. If you only pick one idea or tool and work with it on a regular basis, it can make a huge difference for you!

Years ago, I did some mental training coaching for a basketball player. He was a great shooter but a lousy free-throw shooter. I talked him through some tips to connect the confidence he felt in shooting to his lack of confidence at the free-throw line.

A could weeks later when I saw him, he told me it wasn’t working. When I asked him to describe to me what he was doing, I realized why it wasn’t and couldn’t work. Rather than prepare in the quiet moments before a game, he was waiting until the pressure filled moment when he actually walked to the free-throw line! Bad idea! He needed to practice it well in advance to develop the neural pathway so that ability would be there when he needed it!

Same idea with loosening up your thinking, being more flexible and less predictable in how you approach a challenge. Practice now and the ability will be there when you need it!

It was great working with you and I hope to see you in the future!

Best wishes….Larry

PS…please leave comments or suggestions in the comment section after you see the video.

2 Replies to “Creativity, Possibility Thinking and Decision Making Training, 2017”

  1. Larry,
    Great refresher and summary. I appreciated the Fish Diagram and see that as being a very useful tool. Based on your recommendation I read How to Think Like a Freak, great read, thank you. I look forward to having you back with the next PWI class.

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