Ideas for our training together: getting clear on “why”.

Hello! I’m looking forward to working with you on November 17th!

I put together a short video giving you an overview for our program and my intentions for our time together.

I’m a facilitator which means I’m best when you help me learn how to help you. I’m bringing in some ideas and we’ll explore how they fit and what they mean together as a group.

Essentially, our program will consist of:

1. Exploring the “why” and “how” process from Simon Sink.
2. We’ll look at how that process flows into working toward accomplishment of:
….your vision (with discussion about what that means to you)
….your values (with translation of what they mean and how they show up via behavior).

I’ve put together a pdf file with some questions for your to think about prior to our time together. Please spend some time reflecting on the questions in here so we will be able to get the most out of our time together.

“Start With Why” ideas

I look forward to working with you!


Programs offered:

I’ve been facilitating, speaking and teaching for over 25 years.  My best programs are those formed in collaboration with clients so we can center ideas and activities around their primary needs.  Because I’ve been involved in so many programs with a huge variety of clients, and because I’m a rather unconventional creative thinker, we often come up with different approaches that impact their needs even better than they imagined.

Recently, I had a client want to address “difficult customers”.  I’ve helped people with that before but never felt just right with it.  Suddenly, I realized it was not the “difficult customer” that was presenting the challenge.  No!  It was and is the way people are choosing to respond to them.  Choose a different and more peaceful response and and it doesn’t matter what they do.  Give them control of how you feel and respond and you’ll always be a victim.T

Thus was born a program on “Thriving:  Even In The Face of Daily Challenges”.   What a great program and one that touches people’s lives and not simply their work challenges. 

I work to clarify essential impacts I can have and work with clients to do that.

For example, I’ve helped with leadership training that has run the gamut from leading and coaching rather than managing; focusing on people’s strengths; communicating better and minimizing communication barriers;  having real conversations with each other to resolve challenges and move forward; using questions to engage people more deeply; focusing on the “I” part of team and improving your contribution; and learning to focus on what is working rather than being an expert fault finder.  The options are vast.  

Let me know what you need and let’s be creative in learning how to address it most meaningfully!


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Thank you!